This site is about a previous instance of this event. For the current event, please see the updated site.


We are now accepting registrations for PGConf.EU 2022!

Registration levels

Ticket Price Days Description
Training Only €0 Tue only Access to training sessions on Tuesday, October 25 only, with no access to the general conference. Available only to attendees who also purchase add-on training.

All prices include 19% VAT


The conference is at this point completely sold out and we have activated waitlist management to ensure a fair allocation of seats made available from cancellations (if any). If you are interested in attending, we urge you to sign up for the waitlist as soon as possible. Seats are offered to those registered on the waitlist on a first come first serve basis.

 Sign up on the waitlist!

Once a seat is offered off the waitlist, it's valid for a limited time only. The offer must be claimed and paid for before the expiration time of the offer (usually 24 hours), so if you have signed up on the waitlist make sure to check your email regularly! Waitlist offers cannot be paid for via IBAN bank transfer.

Registration fee

The registration fee depends on the type of registration. It must be paid in advance using one of the approved methods. Please verify that your payment has been received within one week of paying it (by checking the status on the registration form), and contact us if it hasn't.

Once your registration and payment have been confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email. The email is sent from so make sure to add it to your contacts list to avoid it reaching your spam folder.

You can pay using Credit Card (Mastercard, Visa, or American Express), PayPal, Trustly or IBAN Bank Transfer. If you have a company department making the payments, please see the section on paying somebody else's invoice. If you plan to register many attendees to be paid for by the same person, please see the section on registering for somebody else.


PostgreSQL Europe is VAT registered in France since 2016. As the event is held in Berlin, all registrations will include the German VAT of 19%. For further information about VAT on our invoices, please see the VAT FAQ.

Your Data

When registering for the conference, we will ask for personal information such as name and address, but also dietary requirements and t-shirt size. For information on how this data is stored and processed, see the PostgreSQL Europe Privacy Policy.

Invoices and receipts

When you have filled our your details in the registration form, an invoice will be automatically generated for you. An invoice is generated regardless of which payment method you choose. Once an invoice has been generated, it can no longer be changed, so make sure you validate that it has any required company information on it. If it is incorrect, you can cancel the invoice, change the details and generate a new one. Note that once an invoice has been paid, it can no longer be canceled or changed in any way.

Once your payment has completed, you will receive a PDF copy of your receipt using email, and it will also be available for download on the registration page. This normally only takes a few minutes after your payment has completed, but it is not sent until the process is complete so in particular with some slow payment methods such as bank transfer, there may be a significant delay.

Paying with bank transfer

We generally recommend using one of the online payment methods available (Credit Card, Trustly or PayPal) as these payments complete immediately and have a fully automated workflow that makes it much harder for mistakes to happen. If necessary we do have the ability to accept payments using IBAN bank transfers. Note that this method of payment will be automatically disabled if the event is close to selling out, or if the waitlist has activated, due to the unpredictable delays of such payments.


On Tuesday, the day before the conference, we will also be providing half-day and full-day training sessions. These are in-depth sessions on a wide variety of PostgreSQL topics, and cost an extra training add-on on top of registration. The training add-on registration will be available once the training schedule is announced, see the training page for details.

Participants in the training sessions are entitled to a discounted rate for the rest of the conference, regardless of registration date. If training is added to an existing registration, the price of the training session itself is charged, and no price difference on the general ticket is refunded. Training must be pre-paid using one of the standard methods.

Training sessions can also be purchased separately from conference access, in which case only the cost of the training applies, and no additional fees. This gives no access to the general conference or any of the related events.

Visa invitation letter

If you need a visa invitation letter, please follow the instructions listed on this page. Please be aware that we can only issue invitation letters once your registration is completed.


If you need to cancel your registration after you have paid, please contact us via email for manual handling. The refund we can offer depends on when you cancel so please cancel as soon as you know you won’t be able to make it to the event.

Cancel on or before Refund
September 26, 2022 100%
October 10, 2022 50%
October 17, 2022 25%

Cancellations on or after October 18, 2022 cannot be refunded. All cancellations incur a €20 administration fee.

Transferring Registration

Registration is personal, and there is no facility for transferring it. We do however allow a registration to be transferred to another individual within the same organisation when there is a legitimate reason which prevents participation. The transfer carries an administrative charge of €20. Contact us for assistance with transferring an existing, and paid for, registration.

Paying somebody else's invoice

If you need to make a registration where somebody else (such as a company finance department) makes the payment, this is of course also possible. In this scenario, make sure that you follow this process:

  1. The person attending the conference makes and completes the registration form logged in using their personal account.
  2. Once the registration details are filled out, proceed to generate the invoice for the registration.
  3. Once the invoice is generated, there will be a field at the bottom of the invoice specification labeled External link. This link should be sent to the person paying the invoice.
  4. The person paying the invoice can then access the invoice using this link without logging in, and proceed to make the payment using credit card, PayPal, Trustly or IBAN bank transfer.
  5. If the invoice is to be payed with IBAN bank transfer only, it is also possible to just forward the invoice in PDF format to the person making the payment. Any other payment methods require the link to be used.


If you have any questions at all regarding registration or payments, don't hesitate to contact us.